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Danish Open Indoor Footbike Sprint
February 4, 2012

Published December 11, 2011

Hello Kicker! Hope to see you at the Danish Open Indoor Sprint February 4, 2012 in Ballerup Super Arena near Copenhagen. It will be a fantastic event embedded in the famous Copenhagen 6Dages. Lots of spectators famous cyclist and world press is ready to attend the big EC Sprint 2011 rematch. There are cash prizes for the first three men and women.

The event is of course ONLY extraordinary if YOU also participate!

We have arranged for your accommodation from Friday 3rd February to Sunday 5th February including breakfast and dinner. There are a LIMITED number of private accommodations, including meals for only 40 €.

So .... if you sign up soon and KICK quickly ... you can go home with money in your pocket.

For those who wan´t to make it on their own we can recommend Hotel Zleep (only 2 minutes walk from the arena).
Book online:

Do not worry about how to get around in Copenhagen, etc. - that we find out together as soon as you have planned your trip! NIEMA PROBLEMA!

Saturday evening is very special because we will eat together at the famous Ganløse Inn where Christian Iversen, Eric Gold and Magnus Gold work as dishwashers .... so eat as much as you can ... ha ha ... Later Saturday .... of course .... party!

We do hope very much on your participation!
For program and advance publicity in the press and other media, we have much use for a few good pictures of you and your athletic performance! Follow the event here:
Registration Just send an email to:
Not later than 25th January - better before!

With sporty greeting Martin Iversen
Danmarks Sportsløbehjul Union