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2011 German National Footbike Championships
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Published September, 2011

LANGENFELD - On sunday 4th of September the German Championships 2011 took place in Langenfeld between Köln and Düsseldorf. The weather forecast was terrible and everyone was prepared for the worst. Finally we had 6 hours of a beautiful warm day and a sun burn, the rain started exactly when we packed stuffed the tents in the cars, perfect! The race attracted almost 60 starters, this time nearly all from Germany and Kyra and Hans Korbee from the Netherlands. 2011 also had even more kids and youth then the last years and several new footbikers.

The start was slow and so was the whole race of the men with a big leading group of all age catgeories. The favorites speeded up in the last round, so Hans Korbee, Lars Kessler and Paul Dahlke were in front, but Paul clearly left them behind in the finish sprint.

In the women field it seemed an easy task for Liska Lanvers, only Martina Bösch und Regina Philips (both discovered footbiking only a few months ago) were able to follow with a little distance. The main event "Gemeinsam rollt's" where we were guests now for the forth time had some changes in the starter fields, apparently less skaters but more unicycles and unfortunately all in our group, what made the race sometimes more challenging...

After the usual big work in calculating all ranks and categories the ceremony followed, where this year most starters were present, what provided a good atmosphere. The DTRV was also able to organize serious prices for everyone on the podium. After all the work we all really enjoyed the great and familiar atmosphere of the main event with some beer, coffee, Kuchen and tons of the great food there (which is partly included in the already low starting fee), like every year in Langenfeld!

Congratulations to the new German Champions 2011 Anna Teupen and Mathis Funke (Kids), Carina Funke and René Niehues (Pupils), Florian Küppenbender (Cadets), Liska Lanvers and Paul Dahlke (Juniors), Martina Bösch and Lars Kessler (Seniors), Regina Philips and Dietmar Funke (Verterans)! And of course the overall winners Liska Lanvers und Paul Dahlke! Results and DTC Ranking after 4 of 5 races see here:

Joachim Sternal, DTRV