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First day of May 2011 Salzburger Radmarathon,
where also footbikers were invited...

Published May 2011

- Austrian footbike enthusiastic, Guido Pfeifferman, invited us to join the Salzburger Radmarathon 50km track in the surroundings of city Salzburg. As usually, I have come on Saturday to drink some Kaisers in such a nice sunny weather and to eat some chickens in the traditional Austrian way. On Sunday it was some 10 Celsius cloudy weather, however ok for some racing. As we all know, road cyclists are too fast on the flat ground, so it was hard to find anyone to follow. Finally, I found a guy who had been peddaling some 28-30km/h, so I used his cover to come under the hill. 7km hill was pretty steep, however also pretty ok to scalp some of the cyclists.

I like to scalp them in the downhills as well and sure, I had many opportunities for that between some 28-35km. Nice 1:) I came to the finish slightly under time of 2 hours, which was pretty ok according to the tempo of the race.

Thanks to Guido and Hans, nice competition, I will be back next year and I also try to bring more meat in:)

Here I bring some nice statistics of Guido´s ride:

Jan Vlášek (CZ)