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French Zockra in to building carbon footbike frames

Published July 2010

in the online forum of Dutch NAF ( we heard the news that the French Zockra did build a carbon frame. The frame is developed for a French footbiker who wants to kick a 600 km brevet. More and more riders seem to focus on extreme long distance kicking and are in search for the right equipment for this.

This developement has also resulted that the leading footbikers in men and women's category of IKSA eurocup competition are currently kicking on a carbon fiber frame (with a combi of 2 x 28 inch wheels). That doesn't mean that a race can not be won anymore on steel or alloy frames (far from it), but it shows a development in our sport.

Dutch Cees Bakker introduced some 10 years ago carbon in our sport with his Exion frames and later on Peter Groeneveld developed frames which were even better suited for racing and long distance, and now more carbon fiber seem to enter our sport.

If it is a good or a bad developement ?... we leave that in the middle. For a fact is that this Zockra frame (with 2 x 28 inch wheels) can not become called "ugly or strange" as some of the other carbon frames have been titled. Because seen from an aesthetic prospective it is a real beauty...
Ofcourse nice paint and wheels do a lot.. esticly. :)

2010 - Frame developed by Zockra

The frame French Zockra developed is very good looking (click on the photo to see enlarged version). The footbike is developed for a rider on request. Here some details: The frame carries 2 Mavic Ksyrium 700 wheels and is built for a rider of 85Kg. The length between wheel centers is 130 cm, but that ofcourse can vary per design. If a rider with a longer body length has to use it, this wide has to be larger (in order not to hit the rear wheel).
The frame weight is just 2Kg (and it is possible to reduced it easily to 1.6Kg!).

On this peticular frame the distance between the ground and the upperside of the board is 47mm when the rear wheel is in the lower position and 70mm in the middle position. The distance between the ground and the underside of the board is 30mm when the rear wheel is in the lower position.

Zockra plans on producing more carbon fiber footbike frames. So if you want carbon you can order.
But ofcourse we have to consider that this is still a bit in prototype fase, as a lot footbike frames from several builders are on this moment.
Footbikes are relatively new to Zockra, but they are experienced in building carbon fiber recumbent bikes. If one wants to order a personal carbon fiber frame one has to think in a price range of 800,- tot 1.300,- euro per frame.

Read also the blog with more photos :

2010 - Frame developed by Zockra

Not painted - Photo by Frédéric Benoist