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First French IKSA eurocup weekend in Lyon

Published May 2010

It is always a nice surprise to go to new eurocup events specially when a new country gets involved in our scene. After the French founded AFTS soon the idea to organize an international footbike event in France came in sight. Christophe Quiniou and Sébastien Confiant took the effort and finalized the programme of the first French eurocup e voila!

It resulted in us travelling to France on May 6, we arrived in the morning May 7 in Lyon, La France.

Nice weather, lot's and lot's of rain on the route towards south France, but in Lyon sunny conditions on arrival. After a 10 hour car trip we drove in to large and beautiful Miribel Jonage Park (located east of the city of Lyon). Sébastien welcomed us at the reception of the sports center. We put our tents up, had quick tour on the sports centre (from Sébastien and later Christophe) in which they explained which buildings were reserved for the footbikers,.... a lot of space!.

Friday afternoon more footbikers arrived and a lot of tents appeared on the field, it became a crowded international familiar mess. A tour around the lake was organized and in the evening the French presented a nice welcome diner. Want more does a footbiker want?

Organiser Christophe Quiniou (with white cap) inspects different footbikes

Considering this being the first eurocup in France a large number of competitors appeared on the start list ; 50 and more footbikers from several countries (France, Italy, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Netherlands).

Saturday afternoon the eurocup opened with a 10 km race (4 rounds of 2,4 km). The track was partly asphalt and gravel, so tricky in sharp corners. The 10 km gave us a clear picture of all riders. After start a leading group in which riders stuck together as glue until 400 m before finish line. Towards finish Dutch Jasper Stringa (team High Level van der Laan) sprinted in the lead and finished in a time of 22:14.179. Jasper, a newcomer the IKSA scene, rides a carbon frame footbike developed by Peter Groeneveld. In this race he used 2 x 28 inch wheels. This combination of wheel sizes used to be very common in early Dutch footbike races 30 years ago. And now we see slowly more 2 x 28 inch wheeled footbikes
re-appearing in our sport. Second after 10 km came in Italian Igor Ricci in 22:16.979 and third Dutch Pieter-Jan Rozing in 22:17.703. Pieter-Jan surprised everybody, because last year he was not a real fast rider, but this year he has been training which seems to get him in to medals.

In the ladies field it was an easy play for Rosanne Reijne (Dutch team High Level van der Laan) to win in a time of 24:33.317. At least it looked like it was easy for her. Surprise of the weekend was the French Carole Exbrayat who came in second in 27:39.415 . 3d became Ivana Dvorakova from Czech Republic in 27:59.687. After the 10 a team relay took part. In which the High Level vd Laan men team won in a time of 16:35 followed by the men of AVIS Italy in 16.46 and 3d became Dutch Selles Kamperzeedijk in 18.31. The first women team was High Level vd Laan in 20:16. Second AVIS femine from Italy in 21:53. After the race all got back to the base camp, took a shower and in the evening there was a very nice dinner arranged by the French footbikers and price ceremonies. Bravo.

Day 2 opened early, too early for me. Needed a lot of coffee to start up. The race should have started at 9.30 but that was too enthusiastic, so it became 10 a clock in the morning when 36 footbikers started with 40 km race around the lake. In the men's field there was a leading group of 8 (Jasper Stringa, Pieter-Jan Rozing, Joachim Sternal Igor Ricci, Martin Bonder, Luc Teilles, Stephan Bouman). A nice mix of nations with also 1 French guy. Good for the home public.

After 4 rounds of 10 km it was again Dutch Jasper Stringa who simply speeded up in the end and won. Well nothing is that simple, but he seemed to be no match for the rest in an end sprint. It took Jasper 1:42:02.904 to kick the 40 km. It was Pieter-Jan Rozing from Netherlands team who came in second in 1:42:24.205 and third was Joachim Sternal from Germany. Joachim made a nasty crash during the race but could catch up with the group and battled himself in to the 3d position in 1:42:40.008. Nice work!

Jasper Stringa - NL team High Level van der Laan

Rosanne Reijne- NL team High Level van der Laan

In the women's field it was pretty clear from the start line. Eurocup competition winner 2009 Rosanne Reijne was leading, looked relaxed and kicked smiling towards her victory in 1:55:02.026. No competition for her. So ladies please get your self in to the races and start training to offer some competition. Second became Ivana Dvorakova from Czech Republic in 2:07:14.564 and 3d on finish line was French Carole Exbrayat in 2:10:24.231. In the result list you can find the total ranking also with the veterans in it. Rosanne Reijne- NL team High Level van der Laan After the race, price ceremony followed and riders were invited to join the park festival and have dinner in a large tent at the park festival.

I think we look back to a great start of the eurocup season! Timing was done by transponder chips. And that makes it a smoothly weekend. Printed results within 10 minutes after the finish of the last rider. I wanne thank Christophe and Sébastien for organizing this first eurocup weekend in France on be halve of all participants. Suberp! We hope a lot of French join AFTS and help the organizers during new events. Because having enough volunteers to organize events in our sport is crucial. The French started with a very nice event - being the first eurocup ever organized in France.

We hope we can travel to France in many years to come. And more French start competing also in other eurocups events!
Best regards Thijza

Results Eurocup France Lyon (8/9 May 2010)

1 Photo gallery by Thijza

2 Photo gallery by Christophe

3 Photo gallery by Joachim
4 Photo gallery by Christophe2

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