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Track test on indoor cycle oval
Omnisport centrum Apeldoorn | Netherlands

Published March 2010

Dutch Footbike Organisation NAF rented in Apeldoorn a modern indoor cycletrack (250 m). Several footbikers did a track test on this wooden cycle track.

From the test it seems that a wooden track is not ideal for kicking ; higher then the blue line seems only to bring more energy loss then needed. The wooden surfice is also not optimal for kicking. So the preference stays for asphalt or concrete inline skate or cycle tracks that are longer then 205 m (small angle in the curve is oke). The indoor aspect deletes factor wind, but then again, the air is very dry.

And when someone realy wants to do an 1 hour record then one should ride alone ofcourse. That was not done during this test afternoon. This test was purely to see if such a track is suited for our sport and NAF tries ofcourse also to promote with it the dicipline "setting records" among the footbikers. An 1 hour attemp is much easier to organise for individuals then a 15 or 24 h attemp or a mass race for that matter. And such a record attemp is also easily to realise in countries without a national organisation.

During the test riders were timed with chiptiming and that gives us insight in the laptimes:

Results, totals and laptimes >

Photos March 27, 2010 >

The website of the event >

27-03-2010 - Apeldoorn NED (by Eric van der Meide)

27-03-2010 - Apeldoorn NED (by Eric van der Meide)

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