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City Night of Gütersloh | openings race German competition
May 29, 2009 Germany

Published May 31, 2009

German National cup race 2009 and Derny race

Almost 40 footbikers from all over Germany and the Netherlands found their way through the traffic jams on friday and started at 20:15 at the first race of the Gütersloh City Night and the first this year of the German Scooter Cup (DTC).

At the beginning Erik de Groot from Stepteam Green White Feet (Netherlands) was really fast in front and made the speed in the top group with the 15 year old youngster Paul Dahlke from German Gütersloh, Hans Korbee from team Oss (Netherlands) and Joachim Sternal (Germany). But as Erik said afterwards, he went too fast and was out of breath in the middle of the race and fall back a little bit, at the end he still reached forth place. Almost at the same time favorite Hans Korbee was able to distance himself some meters from the rest and finished this way as the clear winner after 8 rounds/8 km. Paul Dahlke and Joachim Sternal behind him fought their battle over half of the race, but Paul was able to keep Joachim behind all the time and finished as second.

The other three of the top group - each one about 25 years older than Paul - shook their heads afterwards: "We never thought he can keep this speed very long, but he could, incredible!". We surely will see more of Paul this year, for example at the Netherlands sprint championchips next saturday.
Also favorite Lars Kessler was ill the last weeks, but is on his way back and managed to reach fifth place.

Some Dutch riders transfered to Effendi frames.

Price ceremony men classement.

Derny race later in evening
The second race around 22:00 was a German premiere, footbikers behind Derny motorcycles! Only the first 10 from the first race were qualified and each one got his own Derny. The race had an impressive atmosphere right through the center of the City of Gütersloh at the fall of the clowdless summer night with all the audience along and the massive sound of the Dernys!
The first two rounds were still slow, as Dernys and footbikers had to get used to each other and the course was narrow and twisting.

The real race was in the third and last round when the field was more extended. Erik de Groot was able to finish as third even without his Derny, as it broke down in the first round (seems these vehicles depend on too much technology...),
Hans Korbee made second place. Paul Dahlke was best in guiding the driver of his Derny with "Allez!" (Faster!) and "Ho!" (Slower!). So again he fullfilled the prospects of the audience as the local hero and won the Derny first (and surley not last!) Derny Footbike Race in Germany.

Hans Korbee (2d), Paul Dahlke (1st) and Erik de Groot (3d)

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Joachim Sternal