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Exciting women's finish on third Dutch raceday
Netherlands - Doesburg

Published May 17, 2009

All top 3 ranked riders in all 10 categories.

On May 16 it was time for the first Doesburg-footbike marathon, part of the Dutch National Kickbike Cup. The 7 kilometer long track, designed by the local Footbiketeam Hotel Doesburg, was varied. In each of 6 laps we had approximately 500 meters of cobble-stones, like Paris-Roubaix, long windy roads, two uphills and some sharp turns while going downhill. The organisation did very good with closing one of the mainroads to the city, so there were no unsafe situations for the participants.

In the women senior category there were three women who stayed together almost the whole race. Wenda Zuiddam (Stepteam Rotterdam), Rosanne Reijne (High Level) and Hermien Koers (Selles Kamperzedijk) were supreme in the womencategory. In the last 500 meters Rosanne tried to break away. Only Hermien could follow so they went together to the finishline. I a very exciting sprint it was Sprint World Champion Hermien Koers who crossed the line less than a second earlier than Rosanne. After this second victory of the season Hermien is now leading the womens overall classification before Rosanne with Wenda on the third place. In the men's veteran category Henri Polman was a surprise. Until the last turn before the finish he was keeping up with Mario Reijne (High Level). Mario did the last turn much better so he beated Henri with a few seconds. On the third place it was Paul Wigbers (Stepteam Twente) who completed the victoryplatform.

In the men's senior category René Elzinga (, Erik de Groot (Green White Feet) and Hans Korbee (StepcrOss) made a gap real fast. In lap 3 it was René who broke away from Hans and Erik. Hans tried to keep up with him, but he was going to fast. Erik was not even able to keep up with Hans. In the rest of the race René enlarged his leading position to 3 minutes, winning his second race of the season. Hans was finishing second before Erik who got some new energy at the end of the race and reduced the gap to Hans to approximately 30 seconds. In the overall classification it is René Elzinga who is leading before number 2 Hans Korbee and number 3 Erik de Groot.

Next event in the Dutch National Kickbike Cup will be the National Sprintchampionships, this year organised by Stepteam Twente. Racedate will be saturday June 6. Even though it is a Dutch National Championship, foreign participants are more than welcome ! Last years champion Albert Klompmaker can't defend his title because he is military deployed at the Dutch Antilles, but he will be present during the EC in the Czech Republic. Roel van der Velde is aiming for a sprinttitle, but Hans Korbee and René Elzinga, who has a very fast 1000 m., together with lots of other competitors will also trie to win the title. Hermien Koers seems to be unbeatable at the sprint, national as well as international, for years. I can't remember when she lost a sprint for the last time ! But Rosanne Reijne is eager for the title. Will she succeed ? Next time we will know.

Hans Korbee

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