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Czech Rollo league 2009 started

Published May 2009

Moravská Trebová, plus Šumava invitation
The Czech scooter league started this weekend in Moravska Trebova, where last year Czech Eurocup was held. Nothing new in CZ. First 30km race was won by Ladislav Provod, ahead of Richard Jisl, who seems to be strong this year, and Petr Pesta. Some 2 mins behind them 4 headed group battled for 4th place - finally it was Jan Vlasek ahead of Jaroslav Tlapa, Michal Spinka and Pavel Legat. Martina Smitkova won the woman´s race.

Second race on Saturday, 7km city race, was won again by Provod ahead of Jisl, who keep the Provod´s pace all the race, and Pesta, Spinka, Legat, Tlapa and Vlasek.

We visited Duku - duku disco again and it was similar to the Eurocup disco result last year.

ŠUMAVA 20 years
We would like to invite all of you, and most of you all know what it is about, to the ŠUMAVA RACE 2009. It is held on June 20-21 2009 in Šindlov village near Vimperk, Šumava mountains. This year it is 20th anniversary of this race.

Together with 10 years of ULTIMA K.LAP TEAM, 10 years of PSP KK Pilsen and 50 years of Milan Gazárek:, this makes a cocktail of death. Taking part in this race is a need for all scooter maniacs all around the world. I usually say, that here the scooter sport was born:. Usually it is possible to come on Friday or eventually on Thursday as well.

Hope to see at least some of you there.
With kind regards

Jan Vlasek