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Sunny 2d race in National competition Netherlands

Published May 2009

On a sunny saturday May 2, 2009 it was time for the annual individual 38 kilometer long timetrial on the Afsluitdijk, the second race in the Dutch National Kickbike Cup 2009. All participants came together at he start in Den Oever with one thing on their minds: How fast can I get to the finish in Harlingen?.

The wind direction was a bit changing during the race. At the start there was a backwind, in the middle of the race he was changing to a sidewind, but the last 10 kilometers the wind was changing again and became a headwind. Very tough on the last part ! In the Women Senior-competition it was Hermien Koers (Selles-Kamperzeedijk) who set the fastest time. With an averege speed of 26,6 km/hour she beated Rosanne Reijne (High Level vd Laan) and Wenda Zuiddam (Team Rotterdam).

In the Men Veteran-category good old Mario Reijne
(High Level vd Laan) won with an averege speed of 26,5 km/hour. Number 2 was Martin Bonder (Green White Feet) and Paul Wigbers (Team Twente) completed the victoryplatform.

In the Men Senior-category it was a very strong René Elzinga ( w
ho drove the distance with an average speed of 29,3 km/hour and so took his first victory of this season. He beated Erik de Groot (Green White Feet) and Lars Kessler (Mars Germany) with more than 4 minutes and he was less than 8 minutes slower than the fastest time in this decade (Martijn Dashorst in 2001) that was driven with a South-west backwind with force 4. A very good result from René.

After the race everybody enjoyed himself with a cool drink in the sun. In the overall-classification after two events in the womenscompetition it is very close with three leaders, namely Hermien Koers, Rosanne Reijne and Wenda Zuiddam. In the men's competition René Elzinga took over the lead from Hans Korbee, who now is sharing the second place with Erik de Goot. Martin Bonder is leading the Veteran-men for Mario Reijne and Paul Wigbers. Next event in the National Kickbike-cup will be the Doesburg footbike-marathon on saturday May 16. This is a new race and gives the Dutch footbikers the possibility to get used to this distance for the marathon-events in Italy and the EC in the Czech Republic.

Hans Korbee

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