International Kicksled and Scooter Association

Start Dutch race season

Published April 2009

On saturday April 18 the Dutch racingseason, the National Kickbike-cup, began with a cross-country race in Almere. All participants were glad that the season was opened again. It was a beutiful day with good temperatures and a lot of sun (again in Almere). The race was on a very heavy and technical track with a lot of singletracks and much "beach-alike"-sand. This time material like tires were very important.

In the Women-senior-category Dutch National champion Wenda Zuiddam beated junior World Champion Rosanne Reijne and World Champion Hermien Koers. In the Men senior-category the winner was Hans Korbee. He was leading from start to finish en beated Dutch Champion René Elzinga, Erik de Groot and German competitor Joachim Sternal.

Martin Bonder won the Men-veteranrace before Paul Wigbers and Mario Reijne. The Women-veteranrace is won by Conny Brans. Good for the sport in the Netherlands was the return of Martijn Dashorst, who came back after doing no competition since 2007 and the participation of a lot of kids, the future of our sport.

And off course the introduction of the AMB-timeregistrationsystem for all participants. This system will help the NAF to get clear and fast raceresults and will reduce the number of volunteers that are necesarry for counting the laps of all participants. For all the raceresults see

Next National Kickbike-cup-event is the 38 km. timetrial on the Afsluitdijk on Saturday May 2. Maybe a good training for the timetrial-event during the European Footbike-Championship in the Czech Republic in july.