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Utah Valley Marathon opens event for footbike racers

Published April 2009

Rapidly Growing European Sport Comes to the USA.

Salt Lake City, UT., - March 20, 2009.---- The sport of competitive footbiking is about to take on America. On June 13, 2009, the Utah Valley Marathon is going to allow a division for footbikers to compete in the marathon distance.

"We are very pleased to see the directors at the UVM open a class for footbike racing", said Sarah Cox of KickIt Marketing in Utah. "This sport is becoming widely popular in over 20 countries and will continue to attract athletes from the US and Canada too."

Hyrum Oaks, Event Director for the UVM had to say this, "…With some research I found that the sport was very competitive, and looked like something that could catch on if it was given a chance here in the states. I like the idea of introducing a footbiking division, because it would bring a new and exciting form of athleticism to our event. We welcome all to join us on June 13 to have a running and footbiking adventure that they'll want to tell their friends about..."

The footbike was first introduced into North America in 2001. The sport currently enjoys much of a cult following in the US. In 2008, 4 Americans went to The Netherlands to compete in the World Championships with Gary Schmitt of Indiana leading the US team to three podium finishes. Learn more about the Utah Valley Marathon at

Jeff Oakie