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New national footbike organisation in France
Developments get in motion

Published Nov 22 2009

The French are on the move in footbike sport. We saw already several French riders this season in Italy in the eurocup races. Also the first French competitor appeared during WC 2008. Slowly more French are popping up in the startlists. We hope more join the sport.

5 Years ago the website "theFootbiker’s French Association" appeared. A website backed up by a small group of footbikers in France. They decided this year in October to go to the next level of the game (as they decribe it) and started AFTS (Association Française des Trottinettes de Sport). There are many goals, most important is to start a national competition in France.

AFTS is gone organise in May 2010 also the first IKSA eurocup weekend ever in La France! And we welcome that very much as IKSA ofcourse... May more nations follow in their foot steps.
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