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Footbike race Australia
June 1st, 2009

Published June 1, 2009

Footbike Short Course Races May 2009

The Australian Footbike Short Course Races took place on Sunday the 31st of May, heralded by a cold and overcast day with strong head-winds and cross-winds. Despite gusts which buffeted riders on the winding criterium track, a number of new records were set. Sharon Simmons, in the open women’s division, broke two of her previous records - the 1km Sprint and the 5km race. Ali Hassan blasted all three of his records in the 1km Sprint, 200m Sprint and 5km race for Juniors. Lyn Armstrong also set a new record for the Women’s Veteran Division for 5km. And Patricia Simmons, only recently a footbiking convert, set three records in the Novice Division.

Great work!!!

It’s great to see the number of footbike competitors growing. The number of female athletes has doubled, and Ali Hassan had some competition this race with the arrival of a ‘new kid on the footbike kicking around the block’, Alex Garrahy-Hodgkiss. Alex did well in his first races, and even after taking a fall, jumped back on his Kickbike to finish the race. Hope the knees are okay today, Alex - you’re a champ - not a complaint from the lips of our newest Junior athelete. After a quick patch up from the First Aid area, Alex was seen later riding around the track, working on his technique.

We did miss a few of our regular competitors. Alex “the Rabbit” Heta was out of circulation with an injury from playing League… we wish you a speedy recovery Alex! We missed your cheeky grin and quick wit. And we do need you present to calm down Megan and Alan’s congratulatory exhibits!!! Brendan Purcell was also out of action with the flu… Brendan, get better soon and join us back on the track. Graham Jenner sadly was unable to attend… and we hope to catch up Graham soon. And David McKinnon - unable to race on the day - still attended to cheer fellow footbikers on.

Results for 200m Sprints:
Open Mens 200m Sprint
1st - Alan Stewart - 24.40sec
2nd - Rob Darley - 26.97sec
3rd - Graeme Walker - 29.09sec

Veteran Mens 200m Sprint
1st - Alan Stewart - 24.40sec
2nd - Bruce Cook - 26.14sec

Junior 200m Sprint
1st - Ali Hassan - 31.84sec
2nd - Alex Garrahy-Hodgkiss - 58.08sec

Open Women’s 200m Sprint
1st - Sharon Simmons - 27.79sec
2nd - Kerri Lathopolous - 28.55sec
3rd - Deb Stewart - 31.16sec

Veteran Women’s 200m Sprint
1st - Lyn Armstrong - 32.34sec
2nd - Suzanne Moule - 37.27sec

Novice Women’s 200m Sprint
1st - Patricia Simmons - 39.97sec

Results for 1km Sprints:
Open Men’s 1km Sprint
1st - Alan Stewart - 2min 9.16sec
2nd - Rob Darley - 2min 25.95sec
3rd - Graeme Walker - 2min 33.14sec

Veteran Men’s 1km Sprint
1st - Alan Stewart - 2min 9.16sec
2nd - Bruce Cook - 2min 33.50sec

Junior 1km Sprint
1st - Ali Hassan - 3min 22.60sec
2nd - Alex Garraghy-Hodgkiss - 4min 16.35sec

Open Womens 1km Sprint
1st - Sharon Simmons - 2min 34.55sec
2nd - Kerrie Lathopolous - 2min 39.03sec
3rd - Deb Stewart - 2min 42.92sec

Veteran Women’s 1km Sprint
1st - Lyn Armstrong - 2min 54.46sec
2nd - Suzanne Moule - 3min 24.09sec

Novice Women’s 1km Sprint
1st - Patricia Simmons - 3mins 59.08sec

Results for 5km Time Trial:
Open Mens 5km Time Trial
1st - Rob Darley - 12min 43.19sec
2nd - Graeme Walker - 12min 46.63sec

Veteran Men’s 5km Time Trial
1st - Alan Stewart - 12min 46.16sec

Junior 5km Time Trial
1st - Ali Hassan - 18min 21.99sec

Open Womens 5km Time Trial
1st - Sharon Simmons - 12min 59.00sec
2nd - Kerrie Lathopolous - 13min 39.08sec
3rd - Deb Stewart - 14min 12.36sec

Veteran Women’s 5km Time Trial
1st - Lyn Armstrong - 15min 30.34sec
2nd - Suzanne Moule - 16min 12.65sec

Novice Women’s 5km Time Trial
1st - Patricia Simmons - 19min 05.51sec

As always, the support from spectators and other footbikers was exceptional. Special thanks to: Megan Heta - our intrepid time keeper - with the quickest timing thumb in Australasia. Thanks Megan, you’re a gem! Not only for your accurate time-keeping, also for your support - and especially for putting up with Alan during the awards ceremony! David McKinnon for helping out at the starting lines and making sure no naughty kickbikes poked their noses over the line before he gave us the ‘go’ call. Suzanne Moule for reprimanding the Speed Skaters who jumped on the criterium track during a race. Sue’s ‘take no prisoners’ approach has earned her the latest “don’t mess with this Footbiker” award. And of course, warmest thanks to Bruce Cook and Lyn Armstrong for making the day possible. Thank you to everyone who competed and we hope to see you at the next short course races in September.