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Utah Valley Marathon first footbike marathon in US
June 16th 2009

Published June 16, 2009

The Utah Valley Marathon race was held on Saturday, June 13. It's the first running road race in the U.S. (at the marathon distance) that has offered a footbike/kickscooter division.

The only other official scooter/footbike race ever held in the U.S. (not counting Gary Schmitt's and Bob Dymond's time trials at the 1 kilometer and 8 kilometer/5 mile distances) took place in September 1999, in Mead, Colorado. It was the Colorado State Kickbike Championships, and the distance was 8 kilometers (very close to 5 miles).

The report on the latter race is still available at (if that doesn't work, then the last part of the URL is .html).

Ten kickers participated in the Utah Valley Marathon - seven males and three females. Gary Schmitt came in first with a time of 1:36:20.8. This is his fastest time at the official marathon distance (42.195 kilometers or 26.21875 miles). His previous best was 1:37:09 at last year's Footbike World Championships in the Netherlands. Only one American man has kicked a faster marathon - Richard Van Camp, and he did it when he was in his early to mid-30's. Gary is 57 years old. His time on Saturday is an American record for someone 40 or older. It may very well be a _world_ record for someone 50 or older, or 55 or older. The first female to finish the race was Sarah Cox. She's almost certainly the only woman to compete in and finish an official footbike/kickscooter race on a certified course (at any distance). If so, her time of 1:56:54.6 is an American record for the marathon distance.

Here are the results of the footbike division of the race:
1. Gary Schmitt: 1:36:20.8
2. Christopher Cox: 1:40:53.2
3. Mat Greensides: 1:46:59.6
4. Robert Nachtrieb: 1:52:27.3
5. Jeff Oakie: 1:56:27.3
6. Sarah Cox: 1:56:54.6 (1st place - women)
7. Brandy Waddoups: 1:56:59.1 (2nd place - women)
8. Trent Bluth: 2:11:05.2
9. Rick Bluth: 2:11:05.3
10. Liza Hyatt: 2:12:43.0 (3rd place - women).

In addition to Gary and Sarah, some of the above competitors may now own an American record in an age group category, and/or for their age, for the marathon distance. If it is determined that someone above has an age group or single age American record, I will post it in the "kick scooter records" table in the database section of this group.

John V. in NH