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Roel and Hermien win National Sprint Championship Netherlands
June 6th 2009

Published June 6, 2009

On saturday june 6 it was time for the annual Dutch Sprint Championships. This year organised by Stepteam Twente. The skatetrack in Haaksbergen was the place to be for the Dutch footbikers, as it was also the fourth stage of the National Kickbike Cup. Defending champion in the men's senior category, Albert Klompmaker, was not present to defend his title. And that meant that we are gonna have another champion this year. Since 2004 we never had a man who has defend his title.
The sprintdistances during the Dutch National Championships are 200 m., 500 m. and 1000 m. In the men's veteran category it was Mario Reijne (High Level) who won before Henri Polman and Harry Hutten (Hit the road), who came back in race for the first time after being injured during EC in Sankt Wendel 2007. Mario became nr. 5 in the overall classification.

Surprise in the men's senior category was Eelko L'Abee (High Level) with his fourth place in his first race. Dutch Champion 2009 is Roel van der Velde (Selles Kamperzeedijk). It's his second sprinttitle after being the winner in 2005. Roel was aiming for the title a long time and was in great shape at the right moment. He won all three distances and especially his 1000 m was very good in very windy and rather cold circumstances.
Number two was Hans Korbee (StepcrOss) before René Elzinga (, the 2007 champion.

In the overallclassification in the National Kickbike Cup René Elzinga is still leading before Hans Korbee who has reduced the gap to 4 points. Numbers three are Mario Reijne and Erik de Groot (Green Whit Feet).

In the women senior category no surprises this year. As expected Hermien Koers (Selles Kamperzeedijk) won the title for the n'th time in a row. As said last time, I can't remember her losing a sprintrace. She won all three distances very easily. Superfast times were not possible due to the weathercircumstances. Rosanne Reijne (High Level) is the number two followed by Wenda Zuiddam (Stepteam Rotterdam) on a proper distance.
In the overallclassification in the National Kickbike Cup Hermien Koers enlarged her leading position with her third victory this season. Rosanne Reijne is the number two before Wenda Zuiddam, both riding on carbon footbikes.

Very good was also the result of the young German Paul Dahlke. With his 15 years he won the race in the boy's cadet category and with his racetimes he was the number 5 of the day. That means that only the first 4 senior men were faster as he was and in that way he was faster than a most participants. Great result for this youngster who is getting better every time.

After the sprints there was some time for an extra fun-event, a 10 kilometer long criterium. That was won by Mario Reijne before Henri Polman and Marco Janssen (StepcrOss). Wenda Zuiddam won the women's race. This race was no part of the National Kickbike Cup and therefore not everybody was participating in this extra event.

Now 17 Dutch footbikers are preparing for the Italian Eurocup next week. It is a large Dutch delegation in Verrayes. Next Dutch event is the IJsselmeertour on saturday june 27 and next National Kickbike Cup-event will be on saturday july 4, as the races on Flevonice are gonna be held. Flevonice is a large skatetrack (5 kilometer lenght traffic free). On this day there is a teamtimetrial, a individual timetrial and a 20 kilometer long criterium.

Hans Korbee

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