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New Kickbike - The Kickbike Max arrived!

Published May 2008

(Photo the new Kickbike G4 Racer MAX). | Click here for close ups of the Racer Max >

This week the new Kickbikes will arrive in the Netherlands. The Kickbike G4 models are being sold already for a year now with great success, and now a new model is added to the family!
An alloy frame is added to the Kickbike range with heat treated oversized aluminium frames. And also the City is back in the programma now in G4 styling (in black and white).
The new footboards are from stainless steel (G4 sport model) and all new Kickbikes have Tektro brakes.

Here the Kickbike pricelisting of the shops in Netherlands.

( for international prices
and more model photos check the website ).

Kickbike City G4 Black + basket 279,-
Kickbike City G4 White + basket 279,-

Kickbike Sport G4 Black 339,-
Kickbike Sport G4 Red 339,-
Kickbike Sport G4 Orange 339,-
Kickbike Sport G4 White 339,-

Kickbike Cross G4 Green 375,-
Kickbike Cross MAX Green 419,-
Kickbike Cross MAX Black 419,-

Kickbike Sport MAX Alloy 419,-
Kickbike Race MAX
Alloy 449,-

The new G4 city available in black and white

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