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Dutch footbike season 2008 starts with 2 though races

Published May 2008

Here a short report from the Lowlands footbike league (NAF-cup). The season started in April in Flevoland polder. Scooterteam Almere organised the yearly footbikecross through Kotterbos.
In total 58 particpants at startline. Weatherconditions were a bit cold, but luckily no rain. Some new names on the list and lot of familiar faces. New is a full field of 10 girls in cadet category. A huge battle between these girls with a shocking tempo for such a heavy cross. Lots of run elements, grass, sand and also asphalt. New in Dutch competition is that the Veterans and Junior categories are next to being seperated also integrated in senior races. So the seniors have this season a hard time.

And that new rule was visible in womens category during this first race, in which 17 year old Rosanne Reijne won the race. And became not only junior winner but also senior winner. This new strategy is to keep the juniors in to our competition sport. Age 16 and 17 is a difficult age group to keep involved in competition. And by giving them a double status this could make this season way more interesting for the junior riders and more competitive also for seniors at same time.

In men's category it was Dutch Champion Durance René Elzinga from team that won the race with a gap of a minute to number two Hans Korbee from new team Hotel Doesburg. Third became Lars Kessler (Mars Scooter Team) followed in just 2 seconds by Albert Klompmaker (team
Hotel Doesburg). A heavy cross.

Race 2 took place May 17th in the North.

The fameous timetrial over Afsluitdijk. Beautifull warm weather in the weeks before the event and then suddenly on Saturday the 17th a 10C drop in temperature and strong east wind and rainshowers.
It was tough also for the helpers, building startzone and hanging out for 4 hours on a seadyke in wind and rain. Dutch conditions.

Around 50 riders showed up at startline on the locks at begin of Afsluitdijk. Ready for the 38 km timetrial against full wind right through the sea.

At the other side in Harlingen we witnesed a heavy battle to finishline. Suprise of the day was Erik de Groot (team Green White Feet) with his new G4 Kickbike and spinergy wheel finishing 3d behind Rene Elzinga (1st) and Hans Korbee (2d). Also amazing was the time of veteran Gerard van Oorschot. With his superlight Exion he finished in 5th overall time. Heavy timetrials seems to be cleary his thing. Again Rosanne Reijne (Team High Level Van der Laan) won the women's race followed Hermien Koers (Selles Kamperzeedijk) and third on the podium was Janine Knol (Selles Kamperzeedijk).

Despite weather the price ceremony was great in de Zeehoeve. A crowed bar area, cleary sport is growing also in aftermatch. Every one got a certificate and an Afsluitdijk army cap. And we also spotted some new names in the race from Schagen team (Schagen a city which has it's own scooter team 20 years ago, so that shows some new potential??). Hopefully this trend of startfields of 50 and more continues in to the third nafcup. Which is during NC sprint in Breda begin June.

For photos and result lists. Surf to the websites.

Thijza Brouwer