International Kicksled and Scooter Association

17-18 May 2008, Pilsen

Published may 2008

The second round of the Czech Scooter League is over. It took place in Druzdova and Pilsen this weekend - Ladislav Provod and Martina Smitková doubled their victories again.

On Saturday it was a tough 10km criterium race I did not take part in that race, so just for your info, here is the photo link:

On Sunday it was a Czech Republic long race championships on a very traditional course in Pilsen/Kosutka, well known for long uphills and fast downhills. The weather was not really friendly during the race, because of heavy rain, which strenghtened mainly in the last lap.

Ladislav Provod left the main group during the second uphill section and won his 4th race of the seazon. The main group consisted of Jisl, Spinka, Pesta and Vlasek and it was really a tough battle, when Petr Pesta was strong in uphills and Vlasek was the fastest in downhills. Finally some 150m gap after the last downhill decided the second place for Vlasek (Ultima), Michal Spinka (Kidokai) won the finalsprint ahead of Petr Pesta and Richard Jisl. Martina Smitkova won the Championships again, however Marketa Pestova is back in the field after 8month "mother duty stop". She finished second on Sunday after a close sprint with Patricie Kadlecova (all PSK KK Pilsen).

We all are ready for legendary SUMAVA race. It is coming this weekend!!!

Jan Vlasek