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First German scooter cup started - Karstadt Marathon

Published may 2008

On Sunday, 2008 May 18, the opener of the German scooter season took place with the Karstadt Marathon from Oberhausen to Essen. It also was the first of four competitions of the German Scooter Cup 2008 (DTC 2008). The Karstadt Marathon is the world's biggest Twin Marathon, two different start places (Oberhausen and Dortmund) but just one finish (Essen). This year it was first time for us scooterists ever, we joined that event in the field of the handbikers. (There were just 4 handbikers at startline.) 13 participants by scooter joined that slight hilly full marathon (42,195 km) course.

It was an amazing atmosphere passing those 1.000.000 spectators having party and giving applause to the competitors. Our start was the first one of the day, before the inline skaters and the runners, what gave even more attention to us. For around one hour we had our "own show" until the fast leading group of skaters had completly passed us. A gigantic promotion for our small sport!!! The ladies' competition was won by Viola Seemann in time of 02:15:12 h in her second race ever. Second was Betty Sarabia (02:18:51 h) in her racing debut.

In gents' field it was Lars Kessler winning the competition in time of 01:39:58 h in front of a surprisingly strong Joachim Sternal (01:40:37 h). Joachim is reaching out to mix up the German scooter scene a bit, what is great for our sport. Third one in order was just 14-years-old Paul Dahlke (01:50:28 h), an unbelievable performance! Complete resultlist is available on Next German competition is on Sunday, 2008 May 25, joining the Europamarathon in Görlitz.

Lars Kessler

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