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Italy - rally for pairs in Fosdinovo

Published may 2008

Two weeks after joinig by scooters the traditional Stratorino and Turin Marathon, to make people know us, now first rally for pairs in Fosdinovo, planned and organized by Stefano and Miriam.
We leave for Tuscany on Friday, Italian national feast, so many millions of people are on the road and the journey takes us very long. When we arrive, we take place at a riding center, where we are guests in a disused hotel. Then all-Italian dinner at the restaurant. We need energy for tomorrow race!

On Saturday, after a morning on the beach, it's time to race. First stage: time trial on a nice and winding downhill. Then a 3km up-and-down lap to kick together, man and woman. Third stage: uphill. Men and women start at the same time, but men start 1km earlier: the valid time for the couple is that of the second one finishing. After the races, shower and sauna at Stefano and Miriam's place, then dinner at the "hotel", cooked by the owners.

On Sunday, last two stages of the race. In the first one, men have to kick a 3km uphill, women are waiting on the top; when the man arrives, he kicks with his pair-mate some 4.5 hilly kilometers, twice. The last lap is an individual one on the same 4.5km track. At the end of the race, with 7 couples and two individual competitors (not so easy to find ladies to build up more pairs), the winners are Stefano and Miriam. Very strong new entry is Elena, a volleyball player, in pair with our strongest sprinter Max. Other new entries, Elena (another!) and Angela, and the big surprise Anastasia, the 12-year-old daughter of the riding center owner. The other kickers were old faces, but the main goal of the race has been reached: to bring someone new into our sport.

After shower and sauna, lunch cooked by Stefano's parents and the riding center owners, then we go back home, tired and... cooked by the spring Tuscanic sun.

Resultlist Fosdinovo 2008

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Elisa Viglio