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Czech National Rollo league started

Published April 2008

Start of the Czech scooter league, this seazon with the main sponzor KOSTKA, is over. Sunny and also windy weekend invited top czech athletes to Zlin, where league races are traditionaly held.

On Saturday 27km race for men and 19km for women took its place in hilly and windy surroundings of beautifull city Frystak. Ladislav Provod {first year in veteran category} took easily first victory in new season ahead of Petr Pesta {both PSP KK Pilsen} and Richard Jisl {Kidokai Jablonec}. In women category, it was an easy victory for Martina Smitkova.

Sunday races were special, considering the course, when 1300m sprint took place in 3 floors of parking garages in Zlin. The course was full of fast curves, downhill and uphills when athletes were changing the floors during the race. Provod, Spinka, Jisl, Legat and Kadlec made it to the final through semifinal and Ladislav Provod won again, Jisl 2nd, Spinka 3rd. Also Martina Smitkova completed her double on Sunday.

Interesting transfer of well/known kickers Michal Spinka and Pavel Legat has been made in winter, when these guys changed PENCO TEAM, for KIDOKAI, and so PSP KK Pilsen was suprisingly beaten {Karel Cvalin still working in Wales, gladly see him in WC Holland} on Sunday in the team overall standings. The seazon is gonna be long {continuing 17/18 May in Pilsen}, we all look forwvard to the 3rd World Champs in The Netherlands 14,15 and 15th of August 2008, most of us come for sure. Jan Vlasek
Jan Vlášek