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Kicking Italy starts season with tour Canavese

Published April 2008

Here we start again! For the third year, our kick-season starts with a tour in Canavese, the area around Ivrea. To let more people join us and know our sport, the tour is opened also to bicycles. The organizer is always AVIS, so we can spend a nice day together, not forgetting the main goal of our association: make people remember how important the blood-donour is. The meeting is in Ivrea at 9.30. We should leave at 10 o'clock, but in all-Italian style we are a little bit late. It's a quite big group, and there are also many children by bicycle: new kickers, we hope!

After some kilometers, we make the first stop in Vestignč, historical place for scooter races, where our friends of the local AVIS offer us a drink. Then we start again, and some uphill kilometers wait for us, where the group gets quite divided according to fitness conditions. At the 34th kilometer from the start, in Mazzč, another old-date kick-place, our friends of AVIS offer us the lunch, light but in Italian style, so we spend there some one and a half hour at the table. It's always difficult to start kicking again after lunch, and we would like to spend some more time laying at the sun, but the tour is still long, so we "must" go. To avoid some too busy parts of the road, we change in part the track, so the total tour, from the planned 65km, gets some 73km long. But nobody seems to be too tired to finish it. The only trouble is to persuade the faster ones to wait, sometimes, for the others. Guys, it's not a race!

We pass through other towns, well known by us kickers, also in the area where the next Eurocup long-distance race will take place, and around 5p.m. we are back in Ivrea. Always funny to see, all along the way, how many people still looks at us as "aliens". Ok, it's a strange sport, we know that! We pass through the town, then back in AVIS sede for a snack.

The first official date has gone very well. Now one more month to train, and then the championship will start. Hopefully, with some new kick-friends...

Photo report of the Canavese tour 2008

Elisa Viglio