International Kicksled and Scooter Association

Australian Footbike Championships 2008

Published November 2008

The Australian Footbike Association hosted the TSL Short Course Footbike Championships yesterday, and the event was a huge success! Record after record was broken despite gale-force winds that dropped speeds of over 30km down to below 20km.

But first, a huge thank you to the Sponsors, TSL Project Services Pty Ltd - Chartered Quantity Surveyors, for all your Tax Depreciation Schedule needs. TSL was represented on the day by Steve and Tracey Lunniss and their two gorgeous girls. And while mum and dad competed, the two Lunnis Girls disappointingly missed out on racing on the day as the imported Kickbikes for children were slightly longer on the delivery time and didn’t arrive in Australia as scheduled. Oh well, next time girls!

The women’s 1km Sprint took off at seperate intervals for each competitor, as did the men’s. The 2.5km Time Trial was a group event with a ‘no drafting’ decision. Sharon Simmons, Personal Trainer and newly dubbed ‘Kickbiker Extraordinaire’ absolutely blew the female contingent away, blasting the previous Australian Record of 2mins 52 secs with a 2mins 37secs in the 1km Sprint. Sharon also went on to take out the previous Australian Record for the 2.5km of 7mins 21.3secs with a time of 7mins and 9.7secs.

Alan Stewart led the field in the Men’s 1km Sprint and 2.5km Time Trial matching his previous record in the 1km of 2mins 7secs (much to his disgust!) and breaking the previous Australian Record in 2.5km of 5mins 50.1secs with a time of 5mins 49.46secs. Alan has recorded much faster times in training, but unfortunately, the conditions and an oncoming bout of the flu did not work to his favour. From all of us here at Footbike Australia, great work Alan! Looking forward to you blasting these times next year.

The times and places for the events are as follows:

Mens 1km Sprint
1st place - Alan Stewart 2mins 7secs (1st place Open and 1st place Veterans)
2nd place - Alex Heta 2mins 22secs
3rd place - Bruce Cook 2mins 25secs (2nd place Veteran)
4th place - David McKinnon 2mins 30secs
5th place - Steve Lunniss 2mins 32secs

Women’s 1km Sprint
1st place - Sharon Simmons 2mins 37secs
2nd place - Kerrie Lathopolous and Tracey Lunniss 2mins 41secs
3rd place - Deb Stewart 2mins 47secs
1st place - Lyn Armstrong 3mins (Veteran)

Men’s 2.5km Time Trial
1st place - Alan Stewart 5mins 49.46secs (1st place Open and 1st place Veterans)
2nd place - Bruce Cook 6mins 11.82secs (2nd place Veterans)
3rd place - David McKinnon 6mins 27.27 secs
4th place - Steve Lunniss 6mins 40.16secs

Women’s 2.5km Time Trial
1st place - Sharon Simmons 7mins 9.7secs
2nd place - Kerri Lathopolous 7mins 44.45secs
3rd place - Tracey Lunniss 7mins 54.25secs
4th place - Deb Stewart 7mins 55.60secs

1st place - Lyn Armstrong 8mins 30.06secs (Veteran)

Then came the 200m Sprint, and Alex ’The Rabbit’ Heta showed his dynamo legs again. Quite a feat considering his attendance of a Christmas Party the night before and his favourite Football Team winning (we’re sure the elbow was a little sore the morning of the race, Alex!)

Men’s 200m Sprint
1st place - Alex Heta 23.35secs
2nd place - Bruce Cook 24.67secs (1st place Veterans)
3rd place - David McKinnon 25.07secs
4th place - Steve Lunniss 28.70secs

Women’s 200m Sprint
1st place - Sharon Simmons 25.77secs
2nd place - Kerri Lathopolous 26.90secs
3rd place - Tracey Lunniss 27.71secs

1st place - Lyn Armstrong 29.31secs (Veteran)

A good day was had by all, and special thanks go to Bruce and Lyn for all of their preparation for the day, as well as the Judges, Megan and Graham. Without your help the day wouldn’t be such a success. Medals and Prizes were handed out to all competitors, including sunglasses, bottles of wine, bidon cages, and TSL bidons. Sorry to all of the people who came down with the flu and missed out on the race - keep kicking and we’ll see you at the next Championships in February 2009!