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New Dutch 24 hour record by Mario Reijne

Published June 2008

Mario Reijne from team High Level van der Laan made on Friday 13 and Saturday 14 June 2008 an attemp to break the National Dutch 24 footbike record and make the first official record recognized by the national Dutch Footbike Organisation.

The Dutch record was held till then by Gerrit Jan Beldman (team Selles Kamperzeedijk) who kicked in 1994 together with Andre Visscher and both made the first individual 24 hours attemp ever registrated in our sport. And in 1996 Gerrit-Jan improved the distance in to 450,448 km on a 12 inch wheeled scooter.
All these records were however unofficial. Later in 2002 in Finland Alpo Kuusisto (Fin) set 3 unofficial records: 24 hour record of 519 km next to a 20 hour record of 451 km and 15 hour record of 355,5 km). Which are regarded as the fastes times ever kicked in the World.

(According to the Dutch record rulement all the earlier mentioned records are regarded as unofficial records ; either because drafting or because of the track or other reasons).

Mario Reijne (age 47) is not new to long distance footbiking. He kicked in 1988 together with Dick Schurink and Gerrit Jetten from Rome (Italy) to Woudenberg (Netherlands) in 19 days. Also Mario finished already 20 times the 230 km long Elfsteden footbike tour and he took part in the heavy 245 km long tour around IJssemeer. Mario was also active in footbike competition sport in the 80ties and in Septemer 2007 he rejoined competition sport and started his own team High Level van der Laan.

The man from Woudenberg did a lot of preparation for this 24 hours attemp and donated all sponsormoney to the an organisation called 'Sailing with Vision'. This organisation owns a sailingboat for disabled people. The track he choose for the 24 hours attemp also aimed partly for publicity (to attract sponsors). And the route did cross right through his home town. So traffic and people during the attemp on te road.

The attemp started at 16.00 hours and the exact length of the route was 5364,66 m. Officially measured by jury members of NAF and according it's record rulement. During the attemp jury members of NAF were continually following the rider. And there were no riders or supporters in front of Mario. (Supporting ok but drafting was not allowed).

So this makes it the first official record attemp approved by NAF. Other attemps before this are called unofficial.

Mario dropped down during the night 2 times, this because of less concentration and probably getting tired. It resulted in a slighty swollen ancle and a ditch in his helmet. But lucky Mario could continue. The weather during the attemp was a bit clowdy sometimes and wind was around 4, and some showers. But mostly dry.

During the event people could guess what the exact distance would be or donate money to 'Sailing with Vision'.

Also Gerrit Jan Beldman was at start line to congratulate Mario on the finish line. Mario made
461.361 km on his footbike within 24 hours. So he did break the National Dutch record with over 10 km.
10 hours: 203.857 km
15 hours 295.056 km
20 hours 386.256 km
24 hours
461.361 km

Footbikebrand used during this attemp: Kickbike G4 racer.

Here the website of the attemp

Thijza Brouwer