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German Tretroller competition
the second race in a brand new competition

Published may 2008

Last Sunday, 2008 May 25, the second of four German Cup Races took place with the Europamarathon in Görlitz. Like the week before it was a full marathon course (42,195 km), starting and ending in Görlitz, but making a loop in Zgorzelec (Poland). The track was a tough and hilly one, very hard for all of us same as for the runners, skaters and handbikers who also joined that friendly and familiar event.

The women’s competition was won by Betty Sarabia-Sternal who did great performance although she was the only lady at startline. In men’s field it was Lars Kessler winning the game before Joachim Sternal and Dietmar Funke. Uwe Anderseck gave an impressing racing debut. The day before we were out for a very nice scooter tour across three nations, The Czech Republic, Poland and Germany. Uwe, living in that region, was a perfect guide leading us to historical places same as pubs, where good food and beer is served ...!

Next German Scooter event: 2008 June 8, Damp, “Roll and Skate 2008”, 42,195 km
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Lars Kessler