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Published December 2007

Recreational scootering can be assumn

Saturday 22th of December 2007 over 50 people gathered on the river banks of the IJssel in the Netherlands. People from all over de Lowlands and even from Germany gathered to kick of to Christmas eve.

Christmas is in Netherlands still more of Christian fest in stead of a presents or a gifts thing. The Dutch do get their gifts already on 5th of December on Sint Nicolaas eve. (Also called Sinterklaas and in NederSaksian language (which is my first language) the Saint is called Suntecloas).

The word Suntecloas was taken by English sailers to England and the present-giving got a hole new story there in the Anglo cultures.

Oh yeh still Sunteclaos kept his white beard and the red clothing, but he lost his white horse and his early century dressed colourfull human helpers changed in to elves?. So in the Lowlands and regions around it (like Flanders and west Germany) Saint comes early December every year, and rides on a white horse. He does not fly. Every year he makes the trip from the Mediterian to spread his gifts like he did to the poor and children in his real life time (In the year 398 on Dec. 6th this Saint Nicolas died in Myra (curren Turkey).

Anyway what was I telling... ?
Oh yeh the scooter tour in Kampen during right before christmas. At 15.00 hours people gathered in a great atmosphere and 4 a clock after some hot coffee the group started with their 27km tour in to the evening sun. It was below zero but tsjeee what nice weather.
I was rushing to get to the first stop were Rik and his sister already prept 2 large firebaskets and a table with hot gluhwhine and many liters hot chocmilk. Just to warm the stuff outdoors for over 50 people can be a challenge.

The first stop was on the top of riverdyke overseeing the lands near the IJssel which are flooded in winter times. Beautifull evening sun there an a suberp group of scooter friends. Of which 10 of them never kicked before. So also great PR for our sport. Hope they stay kicking.

I left stop 1 early and rushed to the village of Zalk. And just outside the village in the dark we build up stop 2 and started to fire up firebaskets and lots of lights. This time hot Applejuice was served (no normal apple juice, but a special spicy recept for cold weather by Gerben). Very nice, do try this at home.

Being busy there a 70 year old farmer comes to me to take a look what was going on and I gave him some local kruidenbitter, which is a spicy alcoholic mixture. So with his blessing we waited for the scooter group to arrive. It did not take that lang before a string of moving little light apaered in the distance in the dark. A bit spooky and winter fog. Nice.

After some 20 liters of hot stuff and other kinds of drinks the scooter riders left and routed back to Kampen under a star filled night sky. In Kampen there was that evening a Christmas market which attracts over 100.000 people. Lot of themed winter acts in an 12th / 13th city centre nice scenery to start the Christmas holidays

On arrival we gathered in a restaurant with soup, bread, salades, later hot mails and and the a 2 meter long board with all kinds of ice receipts. Oeffff. )

See you next year. Do entry on time!
Best regards Thijza

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