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Published November 2007

Vikingtour also open to scooterists!

The organisation of the 700 km long Vikingtour in Norway also allowes scooters in their event in 2008. It's a great bikerace over 7 days in Norway. Normally only for bicycles, but you can start with scooter in 2008. Dates vikingtour 2008: July 19th - 25th. Viks°yri - Viks°yri.
Distance: 700 km / 11000 meters

From the event website:
For three summers now, vikings have smiled, suffered, grinned and laughed while fighting Norwegian mountains and fjords, their raw arctic beauty still unknown to most local cyclists. And practicly all have come grinning with fulfillment, roaring and with tears in their eyes up to the final summit. For 2008, we hope to welcome the same great mix of young and older, heavy- and bantams to an even better experience.

Viking Tour is also a cycling road race. With fights for seconds. Leader shirts. Late night tactics discussions... A fight to the bone, tougher than you could ever imagine and far beyond what your mind will let you remember. But the organizer, the spectators and not to forget the most competitive riders themselves would very much like to have along anyone simply hoping to return to Viks°yri... It is difficult enough to believe ones eyes when the first riders circle up the mountain as eagles on hot air. But just as impressive is the will of those who have struggled the most and been at the far back all day. When they work their neverending way upwards and conquer the final bump. Sweaty grins around sparkling childrens eyes. When they turn and point down towards the fjord 1400 meters below to start their tale...and they do not know what to say. The nature, the challenge and the informal atmosphere is there for everyone to enjoy. Your goal being to see Viks°yri before winter or to compete for grim death, air wil feel thin on the summits. And our welcoming at the line only gets warmer the later you arrive!

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Sourch: Jens Seemann