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Published March 2007

Grindsed Denmark event May 5 2007

"Here in Denmark we are busy to prepare the 15. Stjerne Tour De Grindsted with routes on 58 km, 125 km and 180 km. All of you are very velcome to visit our beautifull race, and the best I can tell you is, that we are not the biggest race, but we are proud of being the best race i Denmark.

We make everything in quality and not in quantity. You can visit us on and you can choose in English and German language on this homepage, and you can go to online sign up, (only in danish) But send a mail to me, and I'll give you my best help.

We hope to see you, and then we have a speciel gift fore you, but remember that the last day for sign up is the 25. april at 24.00 a clock. Later we are to say: No thanks. Yours sincerely Kurt Nørgaard

More info to find at

More questions about it email Kurt Nørgaard at

IKSA note:
The Grindsted event is well organised, has good facilities and is in essence a bike event. But also footbikers can take part. In earlier years it has also been part of Scooter eurocup. We hope that the number of scooterists in the event grows. It has the status that it is an official IKSA promo event to boost scooter sport in Denmark. So come and compete.