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Published January 2007

Huge number of partners in first Nation wide Scooter day in Netherlands!

" We are a bit suprised about the succes of the 'Opstepdag-project'. It's a day in March (17 March 2007) on which at more then 50 locations in the Netherlands people can get step on the board. The Dutch word 'opstapdag' means translated a day to step on, a day to get to know. So the word twist opstepdag is refering to scootering which is called in Dutch language 'step (or autoped)' ...".

A great recognizable name and a simple concept. Spread trough out the nation many organisations which have scooters or have a sporthart take part and function 17 March as a opsteppunt (a get on the board location). Scooter teams, outdoor companies, scooter rentals, touristoffices, fitness or beauty companies, Stayokays.... all kind of locations have entried and cooperate.
Over 50 organisations have entried already. It's a total suprise. We were aiming for 25 locations, but now we have to stop letting more organisations in, because of the large succes of the project.

Every location gets a handout with instructions, pressreleases, flyers, stickers, posters, scooter calendar, and the calories flyer (which also can be found at the iksa website under promo material) and also locations can order a 3 meter banner flag to use during the day (and other scooter activities). NAF
(the national Dutch Scooter Organisation) contacts all national media and informs them about the project. The regional media is contacted by the locations them self. NAF provides them with template press releases about the project.

3 meter long flag. (used by the various locations in the Netherlands March 17th).

The first reaction of the public is great. Now we hope for good weather on March 17. (which is still in early spring, which is often wet and cold). We've choosen for this early date, so that outdoor companies, scooter teams and rentals are just starting their seaon. So it's also at the same time a PR oppertunity for them, to get extra media attention for the scooter.

So far, so good. The material is designed in a clear and recognizable house style. NAF and IKSA are thinking of translating alo the material in to English. So more nations can use this concept. If other scooter organisations are interested let us know!.

More info to find at

Over 10.000 flyers are printed with on the back a list of locations.

Questions or info about this project mail
Thijza Brouwer (secretary NAF)