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Published December 2006

Sankt Wendel goes for gold

The last event "Fun sport and endurance days 2006" in Sankt Wendel, including the EuroCup in scootering, is nominated to reach out for the trophy "Sterne des Sports 2006" in the colour of gold!!! Since 2004 the german sport organization DOSB (Deutscher Olympischer Sport Bund) and the money banks Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken are looking for the best sports events in Germany. It's not a must for those events to bring out best performances in sports; the price is going to those events with best cultural and/or social background. It is part of the campagne "Sport tut Deutschland gut" ("Sport is good for Germany"). The competition is called "Sterne des Sports" ("Stars of sports").

The competition is held in three different levels: A local one in bronze, one in silver of each state (Germany has 16 states) and a golden national one. All local winners in bronze are qualified for the competition of each state, the winners of each state in silver are going into the national competition in gold. The winners of each level are getting money prizes. This year's event in Sanktwendel, including Bobby-Car races, KMX-Kart races, one-wheel competitions and the EuroCup in scootering, has won the levels in bronze and silver and is now nominated to win the national award in gold!!! Helmut Maue, main organizer and head of the organizing club RSC Sankt Wendel, is going to Berlin on January 2007, 29th to join the presentation ceremony. The award is given by the President of the Federal Republic, Mr. Horst Köhler.

For us in Germany it is the biggest chance ever to get the focus on our sport! Especially because of the next European Championships in Sankt Wendel in August 2007 it was very helpful to win the awards in bronze and in silver. Winning the competitions gives us big support for the comming event. - And now we are going for gold (hopefully) ...!

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Lars Kessler
Tretrollersport Germany