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Published January 7th 2006

Another nation added to the IKSA family !

Goal of IKSA is to spread footbike (and kicksled) sport around the world. Receintly German Aranda Bonilla has become the IKSA contact person in Colombia. It is the first IKSA contact in South America. Hopefully more countries follow.
An IKSA contact can be very important to establish first growth and coordination for footbikers in a country. It is essential that address info of footbikers within a nation somehow get archived or centralized. And an IKSA contact can spread and coordinate info about footbike events or activities to others. Are you living a in country without an IKSA contact (forum or national organ) then contact IKSA.

Here a note from German:
In our country is very common, to give a small scooter to children, but after a while they stop using it, because, there is no body who shows them footbiking as a sport. Also it is still difficult to get larger footbikes to keep practicing the activity. On the other hand, until now, there was nobody who promoted footbiking as a sport. I am going to start with this. I think footbike sport has an excellent future, for many reasons; climate, history background, special routes for bikes. I you are living in Colombia look at this website

Welcome to footbiking, a new sport in Colombia . Footbiking is a new way to get physical conditioning. It can be practiced as a transport, recreational or competitive way. We want you to join us and enjoy an excellent new sport. Here in Bogotá, you can phone me 3108168274.

Carrera 40 D No. 59-80 apt. 503
Phone 2221991 Barrio Quirinal Bogotá , Colombia
Mobil phone 3108168274