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Published October 2005

Dutch national footbike NAF speeds up the PR activities

NAF is the national Dutch organisation for footbike and kicksled. It represents kicking in every aspect. So also the footbike as a toy, as daily transport as well as sport.

Fun, vervoer en sport ineen! is the slogan of NAF. (Fun, transport and sport - all in one).

NAF has next to a board several committees. Through the formation of a Public & Relation committee the small organisation has increased
it's PR activities in the Netherlands. Early this year NAF was present with an info stand at a holiday and bike show in the Amsterdam RAI and in past summer NAF had an info table, tent and try out zone during the Outdoor festival in Almere.

Now it's October and the crew members just arrived back from the Bike Motion Utrecht. The Bike Motion is a 4 day bikeshow which concentrates on sportive bikes and attracted about 16.000 people.
Each day at least 3 NAF-volunteers were active. So with a crew team of 10 and some overlapping it was a succes this year.

'... It's a lot of work, but rewarding. We don't have a lot of money to go to more shows than 3 a year, but what ever we can do, we do.
This year our booth was right between the 2 halls next to 2 samples stands. I think that is one of the best spots you can have on a show like this. At one side they were giving out free energy drinks and the other neighbours gave a
way free energybars, bike drinkbottles and energypowder. So the chance that people did not see us was small.
Also new was the poloshirt with the NAF logo at both sides for the volunteers. That gave extra publicity and PR.
Another positive development was the mentioning of NAF in all official press releases of the show and in the shows newspaper!

On the 'vakdag' - (the day only bikeretailers can visit) we got lot of questions about te kicksled. About 4000 retailers visited the show that day. Lot of them know footbiking already but don't have the knowledge about wat is going on in our sport. So also that day proofed an important PR day.

"Together with the increased number of footbike rentals in the Netherlands we get more known every day. And with that fact we can also demand more of the press. It's time that journalist stop writing about footbike as if it a new or strange phenomenon. The time has come for serious race reports in the press. There is a broader awereness today, so we enter another level ".

Being present at this kind of shows is an important tasks of a national footbike organisation. Not only to be there for your members, but also for the public.
Another thing of a bike show is that you meet a lot of companies active in the bike branche. Mostly during these show it's much easier to get the right contacts in these use companies for sponsoring or materials...'. NAF.

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