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Published October 2005

Footbike Eurocup Swansea (Wales -UK)

Race Report - Swansea Eurocup 2005 The 20km race and the 3x2km relay races were held as last year in Singleton Park, overlooking the sea and the University. Unlike last year though, we had very pleasant weather, mostly sunny with a little cloud and a breeze from the south. The park is on the slope of a hill and provides a tough but interesting course of 1.93km with flat stretches, a long fast downhill, some technical bits and two uphill legs.

10 Laps on this course is a challenge met again by Lars who beat Andre by about 200m who beat a newcomer to the races, David Riches, by about the same - watch out for this guy; he will be turning up at some of the European events! The three riders maintained the same positions throughout the last 9 laps of the race. Fourth was another newcomer to KB racing, Ben Beachell, who rides his XC Kickbike over the north Wales mountains - tough stuff. Thyza won the womens section. The races were followed by a re-hydration session in the 'Brittania' pub followed by a measured and technical analysis of the racing; no, not really, we had a rather less measured evening with wine and spaghetti bolognese!

Start 1 km - boulevard Swansea

Slightly jaded riders assembled at the start of the 1km sprint race on the sea shore which is part of one of the biggest running events in the UK, the Swansea Bay 10km race. The Eurocup race was the first event of the day and - yes, Lars won it! Unfortunately in this very professionally organised event, the official clock was not tripped at the beginning of the race and so results are only by position and not time - the first years' fastest (2003) was 1:55min by Hannu, we estimate this years to be similar, but until we have rules about records, these are just times to beat.

The last events of the weekend were a ride along the seafront to Swansea marina for some lunch and a ride back to the race venue. Riders then became merely tourists and went off visiting whatever they wanted to see or do around this nice seaside city. Look forward to seeing you all next year - Pete Sheterline

Sourche report (Pete Sheterline)
Sourche photos:

Driving from Pete's house to Swansea

1 km sprint Swansea Eurocup 2005
1 Lars Kessler GE
2 Andre Visscher NL
3 Pieter Jan van Loo NL
4 David Riches UK
5 Cees Bakker NL
6 Ton Raadgever NL
7 Rob Wachowski UK
8 Patrick McCors UK
9 Gerben Koridon NL
10 Thijza Brouwer NL (F)
11 Pete Sheterline UK
12 Michael Whittaker UK

Swansea Eurocup 2005 10/8 lap race 19.3 km
MEN senior
1 Lars Kessler GE ------47:15:00 - 10 rounds
2 Andre Visscher NL ------48:05:00 - 10 rounds
3 David Riches UK ------49:38:00 - 10 rounds
4 Ben Beachel UK - 9 rounds
5 Pieter Jan van Loo - 8 rounds NL
6 Ton Raadgeven - 8 rounds NL
7 Rob Wachowski - 8 rounds UK
8 Gerben Koridon - 7 rounds NL
9 Cees Bakker NL - 3 rounds DNF

WOMEN senior
Thijza Brouwer 7rounds NL
Peterina van der Molen NL - 1 rounds DNF

Relay Race Swansea Eurocup 2005
Endtime---Lap1 ----Lap2 ----Lap3

14:25 ------4:51------ 4:46 ------4:49 ------The Good & Bad GR/UK ------Lars Kessler (1,3); David Riches (2)
15:18------ 5:02------ 5:03------ 5:13 ------Ben the Saviour UK -------------Ben Beachell, Phil Marshall, Andrew Hancock
15:51 ------6:09------ 4:56------ 4:47 ------Selles Kamperzeedijk NL------Gerben Koridon, Pieter Jan van Loo, Andre Visscher
16:14------ 5:13 ------5:40 ------5:19------ Gwingo Cymru UK ---------------Rob Wachowski, Simon Jones, Patrick McCors
19:51------ 6:59 ------6:20 ------6:32 ------Selles Kamperzeedijk NL -----Thijza Brouwer(1,3); Peterina van der Molen (2)