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Published 14 June 2005

2005 USA Coast-To-Coast - Guinness Record Attempt Jim Delzer

The American Jim Delzer is gone kick another attemp from coast to coast of the USA. We ask the American footbike colleagues to go support Jim on the route. Start 2 July 2005 San Diego. More info go to the website or contact Jim. We thank Jim for trying this and hopefully completing this record attemp. It's a great promotion for our sport! We will try to follow the daily reports online in July when he starts the coast to coast.

Who: Jim Delzer
What: Scooter - Footbike - Tretroller - Roller - Autoped - Potkulauta - Kolobezka - Monopattino - Step - Trottinette
(brand: Kickbike)
When: Start - July 2, 2005 (Coincides with the Tour de France.)
Where: San Diego, California to Jacksonville, Florida
(or vice versa depending on weather patterns.)

To break the southern route record of 21 days 9 hours 57 minutes (3827 km) set on November 22, 2001 by Dan Nielsen of Colorado.

Original Record:
I (Jim Delzer) established the original record through the northern states of 35 days 4 hours 44 minutes (5246 km) on July 3, 2001.

The Target:
To bring people together for a single cause of people helping people and to complete the journey. God willing - I will break the record; and we collectively will reach the goal.

“It is the power of one person, making one decision to take one action.”  Dr. Robert H. Schuller

News source Website record attemp has podcasts from Jim's record attemp.

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