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Published 17 april 2004

Great time trial at Afsluitdijk

Saturday 10 april 2004 over 30 participants, helpers and officials gathered in North of the Netherlands for the 22th edition of the 38 km time trial over Afsluitdijk. This dyke runs through the former 'Zuiderzee'.

Nice weather, sun and clear sky at start line. A bit windy, but that is normal for the Lowlands. Wind direction was North, sometimes North-East and this made the race difficult but challencing. Everyone remembered at finish line were they had trained for (or not).
Martijn Dashorst from the Frysian Scooter team Heerenveen was back on the stage! and won in a good time of 2.19.34 (according to the weather conditions). Also some new names in the men field, so a suprising season start.
Desiree Zagwijn won the womens race (scooter group Alkmaar).

Also Peter de Vogel from Belgium and Lars Kessler from Germany came to the Netherlands to take part. Afterwards showers awaited to wash of the sea-salt which can get extreme during this event.

Thijza Brouwer

(news source National Dutch scooter organ)

Result list Afsluitdijk Scooter time trial 2004
itslag 10 april 2004
NAFcup- women senior
- 38 km:
1. 2.19.34 Desiree Zagwijn (stepgroep Alkmaar)
2. 2.25.30
Hermien Koers (Selles-Kamperzeedijk)
3. 2.29.47 Ilse Bijl (Nijkerk)
4. 2.36.01 Annegreet van Dieren (Selles Kamperzeedijk)
5. 2.48.34 Jahry Hutten (Stepteam Steenbergen)

NAF-cup - men
senior - 38 km:
1. 1.50.57 Martijn Dashorst (stepteam Heerenveen)
2. 1.54.11 Hans Weda (stepteam Heerenveen)
3. 1.54.29 Ronald van der Haak
4. 1.59.38 Andre Visscher (stepteam Selles Kamperzeedijk)
5. 2.01.52 Lars Kessler (Duitsland - Wuppertal)
6. 2.03.08 Gerard van Oorschot (stepteam Made)
- veteraan 1
7. 2.04.30 Vincent Gooiker (stepteam Twente)
8. 2.04.58 Harry Hutten (stepteam Steenbergen) - veteraan 2
9. 2.10.07 Marco Grevel
10. 2.10.35 Peter de Vogel (België)

11. 2.15.36 William van Geloof (stepteam Made)
12. 2.17.02 Gerrit-Jan Beldman (Selles Kamperzeedijk)
- veteraan 3
13. 2.20.09 Erik de Groot (Groningen)
14. 2.20.37 Paul Wigbers (stepteam Twente)
15. 2.28.24 Arnold Tuinman (stepteam Selles Kamperzeedijk)
16. 2.34.33 Piet Visser (stepteam Bovenkarspel)
17. 2.34.46 Martijn van Geloof (stepteam Made)
18. 2.40.12 Roel van der Velde (stepteam Selles Kamperzeedijk)


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