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Published April 2004

World Championship Kicksled 2004 - Multia Finland
Fleming Erwin Borremans beats the Kicksled King Hannu Vierikko

20.3.2004, Multia Moist circumstances didn't scare the participants of Multia World Championships away on Saturday. For the first time in history semifinals besides qualifying heats were needed to select the finalists for men's 200 meters that was kicked on a reserve track made on a section of ice originally dedicated for parking. The final resulted in a great surprise as Erwin Borremans from Belgium took the championship title kicking away from all his opponents and also the cameraman.
Hannu Vierikko was the only Finnish medalist as Richard Van Camp took the third place.

WC podium men 200 meter sprint 2004:
3 Richard van Camp (USA), 1 Erwin Borremans (Belgium), 2 Hannu Vierikko (Finland)

2000 meters
The ladies' 200 meters race was won by Maarit Salovirta as expected.
On 2000 m, however, she had to admit that Liis Toomingas was faster this time.

Ladies sprint 200 meters, Mutia 2004

In men's 2000 m race Hannu Vierikko took the lead before the last curve and added one more world championship title in his collection. Richard Van Camp became the other man calling it a day with two individual medals, this time silver. Jan Elmgren finished third. The men's relay was won by Ketkupolkka before Kensu and the international Vantaan Veturi team. In the ladies' relay Multia-Team delighted the home public by snatching the championship title before Kensu.

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Photos: Thijza Brouwer

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