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Published 2 November 2004

Danmark alive and kicking ...

Since 2000 Peter Iversen has organised a number of scooter events in Danmark. First a race over the Oresunds bridge and in 2001 followed by a scooter eurocuprace during the yearly cycle event in Grinsted. Because not many Danish took part in Grinsted IKSA decided to give Danmark more time to develop the local scooter scene before to let it organise an eurocup again.

In 2002 for the second time a scooter race (this time: promotional) was organised in Grinsted and the result was only 2 participants at startline (1 from Germany and 1 from the Netherlands). After this disapointment we heared for a long perioud no news anymore about any developments in Danish scooter sport.

New signs of life ... end of summer 2004 we received an enthousiastic email from Martin Iversen. Martin with his background as long- & highjumper/decathlete, worked as trainer in Track & Field sport. He also
is active as consultant for his "kommune" in developing sport and started recently a scooterclub in his hometown called: Ganløse Løbehjul Club.

After some email exchange we agreed that Martin is the ideal new IKSA contact person for kicksled and scooter sport in Danmark untill there is an official national organisation which can take over this task.

Martin has made a number of first steps:
- an organisation has been founded: Danmarks Løbehjul Forbund.
- a simple first website has been lanced:
- and als the first promotional scooter event is organised. A report of this can be found online at
- also 6 promotional scooter events are planned for summer 2005 in Danmark.

Martin: " ...I would very much like to start the scooter-sport on a serious basis in Denmark! "

Now the search for more Danish scooter athletes or enthousiasts has started. If you are Danish and interested in getting involved in scooter or kicksled sport contact
Danmarks Løbehjul Forbund and join our great sport. We need more pioneers like Martin to get the scooters rolling world wide.

Thijza Brouwer


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