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Published 16 August 2004

First eurocup in Nakkila - Finland

14.08.2004 Nakkila Eurocup Finland was held in sunshine near the western coast about 200 km from Helsinki. The organising club was Nakkilan Wisa. The mile took place on a running track with a 300 m lap. After accelerating on the home stretch the competitors had 5 full laps to go. The men's race gathered a start field of 11 kickers from 5 different countries. Six kickers made the final from the qualifying heats.

The group remained together with Erwin Borremans leading most of the way. Before the last curve Hannu Vierikko started such a sprint from middle of the pack that the others could nothing but admire his bold pose in the finish. Erwin could maintain the second place before Alpo Kuusisto.

On the ladies' mile no qualifying heats were necessary as there was only one participant. Laura Nurmi picked the victory and full Eurocup points by kicking her race together with the men in their second heat.

During the interval between the mile and the marathon there was a 4 x 300 m pair relay. There was enough commotion when 5 pairs changed the kicker after each lap. The winners were Richard van Camp and Karel Cvalin before Hannu Vierikko and Jan Elmgren, who fouled up their changes.

The kid's race was virtually a "club duel" between Lapinjärven Lukko (3 participants) and Nakkilan Wisa (2 participants). All participants kicked well and were hence rewarded with good prizes.

The marathon consisted of 3 laps on a route following river Kokemäenjoki on both sides. There was once again a tough fight for victory between the familiar domestic trio Hannu Vierikko, Jan Elmgren and Alpo Kuusisto. Hannu pulled the longest straw and took his second victory for the day. The only participant in ladies' class was Jaana Nykänen.

After the races the competitors could enjoy sauna and swim in the town pool that was exclusively reserved for them. In the price ceremony the best were handed out medals with kick emblems and trophies that all seemed bigger than the other. Thanks to the organisers and officials for excellent races ! Hopefully next time there will be more kickers especially in the ladies' events.

Jaana Nykänen

(news source Kicknews Finland)


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