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Published 19 June 2004

Scooter tour 50km Rotterdam to Den Hout


Arriving at 10 in the morning in Rotterdam and joined by a mass of scooter colleagues... I lost track of the number of busses wich dropped almost a 1000 people at the start zone. Accompanied by truckloads full of scooters and followcars - gives you the yearly start picture of 'Rotterdam-DenHout'.

In 2004 about 925 people entried to kick the 55 km long funtour to the south of the Netherlands.

The weather forcast for June 19th was bad; rain and wind. But at start line people were an mass sunning and lying on the green soccer fields next to the entry building and start zone. Beatifull sky with some clouds blazing over our heads. The event it self is open to every one. The oldest participant this year was 88 years old! and also he made it to the crowded finish line in Den Hout.

This 2004 edition for Rotterdam Den Hout was the 34th. The Finish is a happening. You could alo describe it as a total chaos. Flags, lots of people ands lots of stands for a diversity of services or products: like flowers, beer, massage, food. And ofcourse also an info table of the National Dutch Scooter organisation NAF.
The event it self is not a competative thing, but it's important to the people that all 925 starters get kicking to finishline and everything possible is done to reach that goal. There are 2 drink stops on the route and at another 2 obligated stops participants have to show their start card and wait for 15 minutes before they can continue. These stops create sometimes total traffic chaos at the locations because of the huge number of people and follow cars. On route 65 volunteers make sure that the participants get safely through the busy traffic areas.

It was great again this 34th edition. I look forward to the 35th.
Date will 18 June 2005.

I you want to see photos of this event check out the NAF photo gallery

Thijza Brouwer

(news source National Dutch scooter organ)


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