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Published 14 June 2004

Report from the Sumava race:

Czech Republic

Just one week after the 1st WC the Czech kickers came together again-it was the 3rd round of the Czech league in Sumava. Alpo Kuusisto and Thomas Porthin joined the Czech kickers community after their week lasted trip across Alps (with Alex from the US) and so they were in such a great form especially when drinking is considered. 30km hilly race was won by Alpo in a track record of around 51minutes. Ladislav was second and Karel Cvalín third ahead of Thomas Porthin and Milan Gazarek. Most important part of the weekend - the party - started just after the race and it was a long one. The Fins tried to beat the Czech beer team when they gave azyl to Milan Gazarek (Koskenkurva was his Finish name), however they were beaten twice in teh same way, as week before in Pilsen. I think that Alpo and Thomas are not blond headed any more because of Milan Gazarek blue color spray that he use for marking the cows... Anyway Sunday was not good for both Fins when Ladislav won the 7km time trial and Karel was 2nd ahead of Alpo who did not sleep well we all think:)

Both weekend races victories in the women field were taken by Alena Kupilikova from Pilsen. The Czech national team is ready for other beer relays, that is the only competition, that we are the best all over the world in. SEE U all sometimes in the future. picture: blue headed Alpo and his team mate Milan against David Seeman before the relay.

Jan Vlasek CSF secretary

(news source National Czech Republic scooter organ)


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