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Published 23 April 2003

Cochem eurocup moves to Sanktwendel (Germany eurocup 2003)

Dear all, because of complications in organizing the second day of our Eurocup in Germany we decided to change location. Instead of Cochem the Eurocup will take place in Sankt Wendel at the same date on 14th and 15th of June 2003.

Despite problems in Chochem we are happy to present you the Eurocup in Sankt Wendel! - I guess it is a good alternative to Cochem because we are free in arranging our program and making decisions. All races are taking place on the Sportparcours in the Wendelinuspark in Sankt Wendel (

The track is a circle of 5,2 km length and has a breadth of 4 m with many ups and downs (+ 80 m). It is made of first class asphalt and is lightened during the night and bad weather. It is closed for cars and similar traffic. The Sportparcours is specifically built for skater, jogger, walker, cyclists . and scooterists for training and for competition.

On Easter I kicked some rounds, it was fantastic!

Program 14th of June 2003:
18.00 h: Check-in and looking the track
20.00 h: Start Night-Marathon (8 laps to go) - EUROCUP
24.00 h: We have to finish

15th of June 2003:
10.00 h: Check-in and looking the track
11.00 h: Start 10 km-race (5 laps on a track of 2 km) - EUROCUP

There also plans for a kids race and a relay race on Sunday. Starting and finishing line is at a small "pub" besides the track. From there you can get something to drink and to eat. It is also possible to arrange a barbecue. The check-in and the service-station are also at the "pub". Accommodation We are trying to find a good solution for accommodation which is not too expensive.

We will inform you as soon as possible!
see you in Sankt Wendel!

Lars Kessler (Germany)

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