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Published 5 April 2003

Scootering through the free world

April 5 Amsterdam hosted for the second time a scooter tour. On a cold but sunny Saturday morning an enthousiastic group of footbikers started the 40 km tour through the city. Guided by a guide Menno (enthousiastic footbiker living in Amsterdam), the group kicked through the free City of the world, as Amsterdam is often called.

11 City Parks in Amsterdam
lay on our route. A coffee stop in fameous Vondelpark (the hippy temple), a visit to the Hilton, crossing the red light district from Dam quare and the market Albert Cuyp, a stop at the Herman Brood house gave made the event a mixture of culture and sport.
Amsterdam is realy crowded by thousends of tourists on an average Saturday, so we got a lot of free publicity.

Amsterdam is often for new visitors a stunning experience. A city with hundreds of cultures, embedded in old Dutch architecture from the golden age. The Dutch Capital hosts more none Dutch then Dutch. It's multiculturale centrum in the extreem, some call it also the test city of the world.
What is modernized or pioneered in Dutch lar, will be often copied by other nations years later (or not).

Much is allowed in the Netherlands, but it is also good to know what is not allowed: my tip to visitors is to enjoy, but make sure you have parked your car in the right zone and with a valid ticket. Parking illegal in Amsterdam is not a good idea.
Result will be a yellow wheelblocker or the parking police will remove your car.

A great scooter event, we had a super time.

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