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Published July 15 2003

Paris-Brest-Paris! on a scooter
Alpo Kuusisto is ready for 1200km Paris-Brest-Paris! Finnish European scooter champion but also great ultra distance scooter man Alpo Kuusisto made his last test- tour for Paris-Brest-Paris. Last test which is needed for that amazing race is 600km. On Saturday 24th of May he kicked 360km from Helsinki to Juva in Savo. He started early in the morning and he was in Juva at 00.30 at the night. Next morning Sunday 25th of May he started at 8 o´clock from Juva and came to Lahti after 240km of kicking at 21.30pm. "No Problems at all! Now I really think I can make 1200km in 90 hours, I felt very well after first 250km´s and every kick tasted good": Alpo said in telephone after his amazing work.

Alpo made his first 200km test workout 12th of April when he kicked from Helsinki to Iitti, Jaala and Kouvola. His second test was 18th of April. He kicked 300km from Helsinki to Hanko and back. It took only 15 hours. Test number three was amazing 400km workout when Alpo kicked his first 100km with average speed over 26km/h! The whole 400km took 25 hours with 5 hours resting.

Paris-Brest-Paris race is going to start 18th of August and there is going to be about 5000 cyklists and one man with scooter. Nobody has done it before with scooter. Route is open only 90 hours and then it is closed. The winner´s time in the first race 1896 was 90 hours and now must everybody who want to finish do it under that limit.

Reported by Ville Vickholm (FIN)


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