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Published June 10th 2003

Not many know this, but often the Elfsteden scooter tour of 230 km takes part in the same weekend as the Hengelo race in the Netherlands. So ideal to combine, if you really want to kick some training km.

In 2003 Alpo Kuusisto and Ville Vickholm (Finland) visited Elfstedentocht. Alpo did already earlier take part in this great, but long scooter experience. The Elfstedentocht scate tocht is so embedded in the Frysian culture that either you row, walk, run, sail, kano, crawle, bike or kick it - it is a victory when you reach the finish.
Elfsteden fever is created through the fame of the scate Elfstedentochten, a historical event (scating is besides to soccer the most populair sport in Netherlands). The 200 km route crosses through 11 cities (= 11 steden / 11=elf).
The Elfsteden edition for scooterists is a real beauty among the many Elfstedens. Only 100 participants can take part every year and the tour is started at 00.00 hours from a busy, noisy and crowded square (Bargefenne) it the town of Bolsward.

I had the honour to accompany Alpo and Ville in 2003 ( I waved them (and 4 of my team mates) good luck at 00.00 hours and saw them disapear in the black dark night. Then I went inside for a drink to toost on finishline and later on to sleep some hours. I met the participants again in morning, when they had kicked 100 km during night time.

Between 180 and 190 km a strong thunderstorm passed. Hail, rain, some short strong wind flairs and a drop down of 5 degrees C in temperature. But we were lucky it did not take long. During the last stop sky cleared again and people could continue without the fear of being struck by lightning in the flat Frysian grasslands.

From second last stamp post in Hindelopen I guided Alpo and Ville by car through the last 30 km. 10 km before the finish in Bolsward (after 220 km kicking) Alpo sprinted a way. Ville tried to clamp on, but Alpo was so motivated to get to mass of people waiting there for him on finish line and kicked a gap of 2 minutes.

Beatifull event, great start and finish. In between: a hell of 230 km and unfortunately the Frysian organisation has not lifted the 12,5 wheel ban yet...

1. Alpo Kuusisto FIN 15.59.50
2. Ville Vickholm FIN 16.02.10
3. Mario Reijne NED 16.06.15

(100 participants). Nice weather, not windy, 1 shower cloud of 20 minutes but further great conditions.

Want to take part in next year? visit (click on English).

A not-many-of-you-know this II.......there is an even more extreem yearly scooter event in NL which was kicked in 1955 for first time: The IJsselmeerronde a scooter event around the inner sea in the Netherlands IJsselmeer. This is 240 km long, starts at 04.00 hours and has not wheel ban, nor time blocks. It has some time limits, like you have to pass a certain point about a certain time.

Reported by Thijza (NED)

00.00 hours startcar is waiting for signal.
Thousends of spectators.

Mobile toilet is also during night stops handy...

Alpo, Ville, Mario after 200 km (Hindelopen).

Bolsware some honderd meters before finish...

Alpo and Ville on finishline (1 and 2).


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