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Published June 24th 2003

805 footbikers at start line...

... which scooter organiser isn't dreaming of that number. It was reality Saturday 21 of June 2003 during the yearly scooter tour from Rotterdam to Den Hout (Netherlands). This time the route was adjusted in some parts, so length was now 50 km.

In 2003 the 33th edition was organized and participant number is
is still growing. 5 days before the event an entry stop was activated (as every year is). Even after that date people tried to entry. So imagen that it could have been more than 805. This year about 250 new names in the start list.

I have been visiting the event now for more then 13 or 14 editions and I ame still amazed every year again. It's chilling to see so many scooterists together. It's a moral boost. The field is started in groups of 50. If all 805 would start at the same time it would become choas on the route (Route goes through normal traffic). 60 volunteers guide the pack via several stops towards finish line were it is crowded and part time as you can imagen.

Reported by Thijza (NED)


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