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Published 18 May 2003

A German and a Dutchmen in promorace Grindsted Danmark

May 3rd 2003 Promorace Grindsted Danmark

We got report from Lars Kessler (Germany) and Ilse Bijl (Netherlands) that they had great time participating in the Danish Grindsted Scooter race.
Lot of bikers, unfortunately some less footbikers. Lars and Ilse formed both the participant field in this Danish Scooter event.

In the first km they were escorted by a motor. According to Ilse quite a heavy event with rain, wind and hills. A good training. In the end both footbikers reached finish line (though from the wrong direction, so they had to do another 1,5 km to approach finish line from the right side).
Heavy but rewarding and afterwards hot meal in the Grindsted sport hal with lots of bikers. The event was good organized according to Ilse's short report but she mentioned that it was a pitty that there were not more footbikers participating.

Day after visit she visited Legoland and Fjords at Vejle. On the way back to the Lowlands passing through Esbjerg and Ribe. Great weekend in Danmark.

We hope that the organisation in 2004 gets also Danish scooterist at start line to boost up the participant number.

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