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Published 27 April 2003

Thusis openings event eurocup 2003
| results
The race from Thusis to Chur was quite fast this year due to a good tailwind and warm weather (+18 C). There were participants from 5 European countries, Finland, Germany, Chech Republic, Swizerland and Italy. As many times before, the Finns were the fastest in the mens class. Both Finns, Tomas and Ville came under the old route record from Wolfgang Seibel in year 2000.

Also the womens winner, Andrea Hammer from Germany made a new route record for women. Direct after the start there was a steep downhill with max. speed almoust 70 km/h and then a sharp right turn. Tomas did that corner better than the other in the leading group and gained a 20m gap. Tomas, who has top-speed as his best strength, used this gap and made it larger in the fast first 5 kilometers with tail-wind and some downhills. In the middle of the track there were a long quite steep uphill where Ville almost catched Tomas again.

The distance between the first two was very small until Ville at last catched Tomas at about 20 km, but the last 5 kilometers were again fast with slight downhill and tail-wind and Tomas did the same thing as in the beginning and finished 9.3 seconds before Ville. The fight for the third place was very hard. There were 4 kickers in 15 seconds and Igor Ricci from Italy won this fight. There were two newcomers, who did very well and ended up in the top six. Jan Stepan from Check Republic (Prague) was fifth and Tilo Lier from Germany (Bönningheim) was sixth. These two can become dangerously fast in the future. In the womens class Andrea Hammer had no hard competitors, and had no problems to win as last two years.

The results and the story was given to you from Tomas and Ville.
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Results Thusis (Switzerland) | 16 04 2003 - 25,4 km
1. Tomas Porthin FIN 52.17.8 - > New route record (Seibel 2000 52.52.0)
2. Ville Vickholm FIN 52.27.1
3. Igor Ricci ITA 56.18.9
4. Lars Kessler GER 56.20.4
5. Jan Stepan CZ 56.28.4
6. Tilo Lier GER 56.33.7
7. Federico Torti ITA 57.14.7
8. Reto Sutter SUI
9. Luigi Iapicmino ITA
10. Hossam Feissali GER
11. Heini Hofmann SUI
12. Martin Battaglia SUI
13. Alex Wilfinger SUI
14. Mario Ferrari SUI
15. Rene Banzer SUI
16. Peter Smit SUI
17. Markus Giger SUI
18. Hans Bräm SUI
19. Markus Züllig SUI
20. Remo Gstohl SUI
21. Sebastian Wollman SUI
22. Fabian Haltinner SUI
23. Karl Eugster SUI
24. Martin Conrad SUI
25. Roman Giger SUI
26. Urs Guidon SUI
27. Franz Nebel SUI
28. Claudio Marxer SUI
29. Matthias Ryter SUI
30. Wolfgang Huth SUI
31. Benedikt Seeli SUI

1. Andrea Hammer GER - > New route record (Nicole Koller 2000
2. Jeannine Schneider SUI
3. Flurina Brunold SUI
4. Flurina Freiburghaus SUI
5. Renate Huth SUI
6. Carmen Raguth SUI
7. Natalie Raguth SUI