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Published 26 April 2003

Time trial through sea

April 26 2003 - start Afsluitdijk Netherlands, a dyke 31 km in length right through IJsselmeer (sweet water) and Waddenzee (saltwater) the former South sea as it used to be called in the centuries before 1900.

The scooter time trial had a distance of 38 km and the race was part of nafcup (national scooter competition Netherlands). At 13.00 hours first rider was 'shot' a way by the starter. Participants left startline with intervals of 60 seconds.

Suprising winner in the men's class was the Frysian Hans Weda (team Heerenveen) in 1.25.52, second Arnold Tuinman
(team Selles-Kamperzeedijk) in 1.29.02 and third Harry Hutten (team Steenbergen) 1.29.08. Two new names in the top 3.

In women's class Hermien
(team Selles-Kamperzeedijk) is still the woman to beat. She won in 1.41.40, on 2d place: Peterina vd Molen (team Selles-Kamperzeedijk) in 1.48.44 and third Regina van Brug (team the Hay) in 1.54.54.

Fastes junior was Roel vd Velde
(15 years - team Selles-Kamperzeedijk) in 1.29.10

groet, NAF