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Published Feb 6th 2003

Kickbike UK present at Triathlon Exhibition, Sandown Park Racecourse
London February 8th and 9th.

Kickbike UK (Pete) is active and kicking in footbike country UK. 8 and 9 February 2003. Kickbike UK will be present at the London Triathlon Exhibition at Sandown Park. It is for UK people but also for enthousiasts abroad a beautifull way to get Kickbike info and see and talk about the sport. From NL 3 scooterists will attend the show (Andries Koers, Hermien Koers and Arnold Tuinman). Also you can win a Kickbike! So if you don't have one: then London is the place to be!


  • Listen to and train with Andries Koers, a triathlete and the Dutch Kickbike Champion 2002, you can learn first-hand about how International athletes use kickbiking in their training programme.
  • Have a go! on the current Kickbike range.
  • Get the very first public view of the new cross-country All-Terrain Kickbike!
  • Think you're fit?? Enter a timed 900m Kickbike sprint any time on Saturday or Sunday, fastest each day wins a Kickbike worth £200.
  • Join kickbiking the new UK sport! Join your European cousins who've been doing it for years;
  • Think you can beat a kickbiker? enter a 1.2km race against kickbikers, other triathletes and cyclists - winner gets a Kickbike worth £200. Email to guarantee an entry place.
  • Have a great weekend at Sandown - just browse the other stands, enter the competitions, watch the other exciting events and have lunch by the Thames or a show in town in the evenings. For more information see